Volcanoes - • Naples 3 million people near volcano Mt...

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Subject: Environmental Geology Session: Chapter 7 - Volcanic Activity at 10:16 AM Mt Unzen - Case History one of 19 active volcanoes in Japan • erupted, killing ~15000 people 200 years ago • another erupted violently June 3, 1991 • thousands of ash flows by end of 1993, king of ash flow centers • 44 people killed, including Harry Glicken (US volcanologist who escaped Mt St Helens eruption in 1980) Intro to volcanoes 1500 active volcanoes on Earth today • 400 erupted in last century - 50 eruptions/year • most activity concentrated along major plate boundaries • impact risks depend on type of volcano • ~500 million people living near volcanoes today • 100,000 deaths during last 25 years • 23,000 deaths in last 20 years • densely populated countries in volcanic zones = problem
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Unformatted text preview: • Naples - 3 million people near volcano Mt Vesuvius • 8/24/79 AD - Pompei vanished - volcano quiet for 800 years • Italian coastal city & people perished - became fossils, killed in place, wherever they were • Mt Vesuvius erupted 30 times since 79 AD • discovered finally in 1500 during excavation/ Pliny the Elder/Younger wrote all down before eruption and precursor volcanic events • mountain rumbled and warned of hazards - precursors • cloud of gas formed 15-20 miles high, collapsed under its weight, came rumbling down city at 150 mph, 1000 C hot, 10B tons of ash and rock • 3 million people are in the same situation in Naples/surrounding cities - 1 million on slope of Mt...
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Volcanoes - • Naples 3 million people near volcano Mt...

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