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1 Butler Emily Butler Art History 101 Professor Vance Watrous 26 October 2011 The Old Mill- Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter of the middle to late 1800’s. Van Gogh suffered from both anxiety and other severe mental illnesses, and his emotions become present in a lot of his work. This is shown in his painting The Old Mill, painted in 1888 in oil paint on canvas. The painting’s measurements are 25 ½ by 21 ¼ inches, and was created in Arles, a town in southern France (La Maison). The painting is known for its expressionistic quality of brush strokes and use of warm colors. This work of art currently resides in the Albright Knox art gallery located in Buffalo, New York. The main focus of the painting is an aged mill. The mill is painted with neutral colors such as yellows and browns, with both horizontal and vertical brush strokes. The roof of the mill is a purple hue, painted with vertical, smooth brush strokes. In the bottom left side of the canvas, there is a man and a woman standing along a riverbank that seem to be lost in conversation. These people are painted with a very expressionistic style, and their faces are not visible. The man and woman give the painting an eerie feeling, because the audience is left to visualize what the conversation could possibly be about, and why they are there in the first place. Behind the mill is a scene of fields with the Arpilles Mountains in the distance. The field is painted with earthy tones such as greens, yellows, and browns while the mountains are painted with cool colors. The sky is illustrated with very messy brush strokes that seem to be going in all different
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2 directions. The most stunning part of the image is the thick articulation of brush strokes bringing
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van gogh - 1 Butler Emily Butler Art History 101 Professor...

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