Writing102 Essay1 Rough Draft

Writing102 Essay1 Rough Draft - Morgan Prutsman Writing...

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Morgan Prutsman Writing 102, section C 1 Mr. Crotser The Only Thing Certain in Life is Uncertainty There are millions of questions out there about the world and the way it works. But, one question in particular fascinates me. It has been a popular question since the beginning of time, one that people have come up with several thousand possible solutions to. But the truth is, it’s a question nobody can answer. You can gather evidence to support your idea, but it will always be just that, an idea. This question has been on my mind since I was a young kid. I have always been someone who likes solid, concrete facts, things that could be proven or disproven. My brain is systematic. I like certainty. Because this is the exact opposite, I am frustrated and challenged by it. I have spent countless hours pondering this question, still not even remotely close to an answer. I like learning methods, facts, and how to solve equations. This question is one that challenges my brain in a different way. It makes me consider several different possibilities. It makes me think deeper than the formulas I love. It also made me realize that most of certainty is man made. Equations, formulas, units. How could everything I’ve always known to be exact and to be the truth just all be made up? Maybe, I began to think this question is more real than any of these answers. My family has never been religious, so I’ve never had a set of beliefs forced upon me. So instead, it has been up to me to come up with my own beliefs and I am still unsure. When I was young, I used to think a lot before I fell asleep. I still do. But one night in particular, a thought came to me that frightened me. It was a problem I couldn’t 1
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solve. And it sent me into my parents’ room crying. This time, it wasn’t just an equation I
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Writing102 Essay1 Rough Draft - Morgan Prutsman Writing...

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