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1 Butler March 10, 2011 Dear Mr. H: I thought that the advertisements for Barbie related to the book, Mythologies , in many ways. It had loads of the “signifier, signified, and the sign.” When I watched the Sarah Haskins videos, the Barbie one was my favorite because everything she is saying is so true. Barbie does set up a standard for young girls to aspire to be like when they are older which is almost impossible to do. It is not possible to look perfect and work 20 different jobs. I am a feminist and strongly disagree with images that are presented to women about how they should look or act, so I reject advertisements like Barbie. I think the weakest part of my essay is repetition and organization. I find that I repeat myself a lot, because I don’t know how to get my idea across more clearly. When it comes to organization, I tend to forget what looks neat and organized and what looks jumbled and all over the place. I think the strongest part of my paper is my use of examples and relating them to the “signifier, signified, and the sign.” I really enjoyed writing this paper because it is something I am interested in. Although I did not like the book and found it very confusing, I believe that I was very successful with this paper. I am happy that I had the chance to write about something I enjoy and thought was very interesting. Sincerely,
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2 Emily ButlerEmily Butler Professor Hadbawnik English 201 10 March 2011 Barbie Girl Doesn’t every girl dream of someday becoming Barbie? Who wouldn’t want to be small, petite, platinum blonde, have unbelievably long legs, and big breasts? The Barbie doll has been a role model for girls ever since they first came to stores in 1959. Barbie is the perfect woman. She is extremely beautiful, feminine, successful, has a ton of jobs, and has a perfect husband named Ken. This image of Barbie being the “perfect” woman has a huge influence on how girls are expected to look and act in society today. Many of the advertisements shown on TV contain the advertising technique that Roland Barthes’ is discussing in his book, Mythologies. This includes the “signifier, signified, and sign,” which is the suggestion that an object or idea will always have a specific meaning. “The signified is the concept, the signifier is the acoustic image, and the relation between concept and image is the sign” (Barthes 113). Today’s advertisements, such as Barbie advertisements, use these tactics to make girls believe that Barbie should be seen as an idol. The Barbie doll represents an ideal woman, and sets up norms for girls to follow so they can be just like Barbie. The first Barbie doll ever was created in the later 1950’s. The vintage commercial that the
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barbie - 1 Butler Dear Mr H I thought that the...

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