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world civ response 4 - Emily Butler Section T2 1942 The...

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Emily Butler Section T2 November 29, 2010 “1942: The Prequel” By Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times, June 1999 Nicholas Kristof provides an appealing story of his journey to the East African island of Pate. He describes that his initial reason for visiting the island was to discover information about the incredible shipman, Zheng He, since historical information about him and this time period in China has been lost. He was hoping that in doing this he would find clues as to why China and India, who centuries ago could have ruled the world, have become weak and have been defeated multiple times by Europe. The point of Kristof’s article was to show readers that China has potential to be a great empire and defeat Europe, but instead he only gives more reasons as to why scholars never discuss China’s achievements. Kristof begins the article by listing some of China’s accomplishments. These are things that many people never knew about China, because schools fail to distribute this information to it’s students. For example, before reading this article I had no previous knowledge of Zheng He and the success of China. I did not know that Zheng He led an armada that was greater of any previous armada that came before (Kristof). I also did not know that China once had the greatest
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world civ response 4 - Emily Butler Section T2 1942 The...

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