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1 Butler Emily Butler Typography Christopher Fox 24 October 2011 Designing more than 170 typefaces, Adrian Frutiger is one of the most well known typeface designers of the 20 th century and continues to have an influence on the 21 st century (“Adrian Frutiger”). He was born on March 28, 1928 in Interlaken, Switzerland. Although he is most well known for typeface design, Frutiger has always had an interest in sculpture, which was discouraged by his father and school teachers. His love of sculpture still has an influence on his type forms, and this is evident in his use of craft and wood carving techniques. Instead of moving towards his passion for sculpture, Frutiger went into printmaking. He worked as a printer’s apprentice by the age of 16 (Kunz, Willi). After gaining experience in printmaking, he studied at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts between 1949 and 1951, with a concentration on calligraphy. Frutiger’s first commercially released typeface was President, released in 1952. This typeface appeals to me. It actually looks like a typeface that would be used by someone as professional as the president himself. I am interested in how the lowercase letters are identical to the uppercase but just have a smaller x-height. I think this really gives the font character. Some of his other well known typefaces include Meridien, which was inspired by 16 th century Jenson, Egyptienne, Apollo, Serifa, Avenir, and Vectora. Avenir was based on the “Futura” typeface, designed by Paul Renner in the 1920’s. “Frutiger had never been happy with the cold, modern appearance of Futura, so he ‘humanized’ it” (Kunz, Willi).
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Frutiger - 1 Butler Emily Butler Typography Christopher Fox...

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