Cells Lab Ch. 7

Cells Lab Ch. 7 - Cells Lab Ch 7 A tour of various...

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Unformatted text preview: Cells Lab Ch. 7 A tour of various eukaryotic and tour prokaryotic cells prokaryotic Human Cheek Cell Squamous cell Squamous epithelium epithelium A human cheek cell Eukaryotic Obvious nuclei Cell Membrane Cytoplasm Frog’s Blood Both red cells Both (erythrocytes) & white cells (leukocytes) cells Frog red cells have a Frog nucleus nucleus White cells are dark White purple staining purple Human Blood Notice human red Notice blood cells have no nucleus nucleus White cells are purple White stained. Notice the difference in the shape of white cell nuclei of Onion Cell 100x Notice obvious cell Notice wall wall Notice obvious Notice nucleus nucleus Plant cells have a cell Plant membrane interior to cell wall (cellulose) cell Onion Cell 400x (notice nuclei) Elodea Wet Mount Notice the obvious cell Notice walls walls Notice the green Notice chloroplasts chloroplasts Most slides show Most multiple cell layers multiple Elodea Wet Mount Regular repeating Regular structure/arrangement of plant cell walls of Elodea Wet Mount Bacteria Slide 400x (gram stain) Bacteria are extremely Bacteria small small Bacteria are Bacteria prokaryotes prokaryotes Bacteria lack Bacteria membrane bound organelles & nucleus organelles Bacteria multiply Bacteria rapidly rapidly ...
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