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Unformatted text preview: stop is called absolute zero. Absolute zero is ­ 273.15° C You can’t get colder than that, no matter how hard you try Transfer of heat Transfer of heat When hot matter touches colder matter, faster moving particles collide with slower moving particles. The faster moving particles give some of their energy to the slower moving particles. Matter in the solid state Matter in the solid state In a solid, the particles vibrate or shake back and forth but do not move from their position in respect to each other. The particles vibrate about a fixed position. Crystals or Crystals or Crystalline Solids Particles of crystals are arranged in repeating geometric patterns Table salt crystals are shaped like cubes. Diamond, a form of carbon, is also a crystalline solid. – the crystals are shaped something like pyramids. Non­crystalline solids Non­crystalline solids Many solids do not form crystals. Their molecules do not arrange into repeating patterns – often because they are too large. Examples: – glass – many p...
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