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Unformatted text preview: o move in a random, jerky way. The water molecules surrounding the dust particle are in constant, random motion. When they hit the dust particle, they push it in random directions Matter in motion Matter in motion The idea that the particles (atoms and molecules) of all matter are in constant, random motion is called the kinetic theory of matter. Kinetic Theory of Matter Kinetic Theory of Matter All matter is made of atoms and molecules. These particles are always in motion. The higher the temperature, the faster the particles move. At the same temperature, heavier particles move slower and lighter particles move faster. Temperature and Heat Temperature and Heat What makes hot tea different from cold iced tea? – Same particles – movement of particles is different Higher temp = faster moving particles Temperature and Heat Lower the temperature and the particles slow down. At very low temperatures the motion of the molecules is very slow. You cannot make things so cold that the motion completely stops, but . . . scientists have come close. The temperature at which the particles of matter would completely...
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