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COP4020 Spring 2010 Homework Assignment 2 The material for this homework assignment covers textbook Chapter 1 and lecture notes. 1. What was the first programming language you learned? If you chose it yourself, why did you do so? If it was chose for you by others, why do you think they chose it? What parts of the language did you find the most difficult to learn? 2. For the language with which you are most familiar (this may or may not be the first that you learned), list the three things that you wish had been differently designed. Why do you think they were designed the way they were? How would you fix them if you had the chance to do it over? Would there be any negative consequences – for example, in terms of compiler complexity or program execution speed? 3. Read “ The Semicolon Wars ” (see online syllabus). Argue why “ camelcase” and sulkingcamelcase” makes sense to use when writing a program in your favorite
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Unformatted text preview: programming language (e.g. as a type name, macro name, identifier name, etc.). 4. Find out more about Hungarian notation and give a list of at least 16 examples of naming conventions for types suggested for names in C/C++. 5. Find the person or persons who were instrumental to the development of a. Ruby b. Modula-2 c. C d. C++ e. Java f. Smalltalk-80 6. Search the Web for " What is the most frequently used programming language ?" In what area(s) is this language used? Cite the sources you found (URL or book title). Tell us how you trust that these source(s) are unbiased, i.e. not promoted by a company with a vested interest in selling a programming language? 7. Search the Web for " What is the most popular programming language ?" If different from #5, explain why. Cite the sources you found (URL or book title). As in #5, tell us how you believe you can trust these source(s)?...
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