Quantum Engi Q and A_Part_9

There are no forces inside the pipe so the particle

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Unformatted text preview: ere are no forces inside the pipe, so the particle has to keep moving until it hits an end of the pipe, then reflect backward until it hits the other side and so on. So, it has to cross the center of the pipe regularly. But in the energy eigenstate ψ2 , the particle has zero chance of ever being found at the center of the pipe. What gives? 26 CHAPTER 3. BASIC IDEAS OF QUANTUM MECHANICS Answer: Almost every word in the above story is a gross misstatement of what nature really is like when examined on quantum scales. A particle does not have a position, so phrases like “hits an end”, “reflect backward”, and “keep moving” are truly meaningless. On macroscopic scales a particle may have an relatively precisely defined position, but that is only because there is...
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