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Quantum Engi Q and A_Part_42

Quantum Engi Q and A_Part_42 - 14.14 Fission 14.14.1 Basic...

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124 CHAPTER 14. NUCLEI [UNFINISHED DRAFT] 14.13.1 Classical liquid drop 14.13.2 Nuclear vibrations 14.13.3 Nonspherical nuclei 14.13.4 Rotational bands Basic notions in nuclear rotation Basic rotational bands Bands with intrinsic spin one-half Bands with intrinsic spin zero
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14.14. FISSION 125 Even-even nuclei Non-axial nuclei
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Unformatted text preview: 14.14 Fission 14.14.1 Basic concepts 14.14.2 Some basic features 14.15 Spin Data 14.15.1 Even-even nuclei 126 CHAPTER 14. NUCLEI [UNFINISHED DRAFT] 14.15.2 Odd mass number nuclei 14.15.3 Odd-odd nuclei 14.16 Parity Data 14.16.1 Even-even nuclei 14.16.2 Odd mass number nuclei 14.16.3 Odd-odd nuclei 14.16.4 Parity Summary...
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