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Quantum Engi Q and A_Part_53

Quantum Engi Q and A_Part_53 - D.39 Derivation of the...

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D.34. PHOTON WAVE FUNCTION DERIVATIONS 157 D.34.2.1 About the scalar modes D.34.2.2 Basic observations and eigenvalue problem D.34.2.3 Spherical form and net angular momentum D.34.2.4 Orthogonality and normalization D.34.2.5 Completeness D.34.2.6 Density of states D.34.2.7 Parity D.34.2.8 Orbital angular momentum of the states
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158 APPENDIX D. DERIVATIONS D.35 Time-dependent perturbation theory D.36 Selection rules D.37 Quantization of radiation derivations D.38 Derivation of the Einstein B coefficients
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Unformatted text preview: D.39 Derivation of the Einstein A coeFcients D.40 Multipole derivations D.40.1 Matrix element for linear momentum modes D.41. FOURIER INVERSION THEOREM AND PARSEVAL 159 D.40.2 Matrix element for angular momentum modes D.40.3 Weisskopf and Moszkowski estimates D.41 Fourier inversion theorem and Parseval D.42 Derivation of group velocity D.43 Motion through crystals D.43.1 Propagation speed D.43.2 Motion under an external force...
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