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238 Appendix B: Practice/Homework Quizzes 2.5. Mark Aiken is an entrepreneur who purchases inventories of failed businesses at auction and resells them at profit. He has purchased some unassembled office furniture, and wishes to determine the optimal configuration for resale. The inventory consists of 50 desks, 60 file cabinets, 25 credenzas, and 150 drawers. The desks and the credenzas can be sold with or without the drawers. The possible
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Unformatted text preview: configurations and their retail values are shown below. Set up a linear programming model to enable Mark to maximize his sales value. Label Item Retail Price D 1 Desk (w/o drawers) $100 D 2 Desk (w/3 drawers) $200 C 1 Credenza (w/0 drawers) $ 80 C 2 Credenza (w/2 drawers) $150 F 1 File cabinet (w/0 drawers) $ 40 F 2 File cabinet (w/4 drawers) $120...
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