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248 Appendix B: Practice/Homework Quizzes Chapter 7 Quiz 7.1 A college professor invests in the local real estate market. Currently, the professor has $910,000 which is available for new rental property investments. After an initial screening, he has reduced his investment alternatives to a series of commercial buildings and a group of apartment buildings in a large apartment complex. A commercial building can be purchased for the price of $130,000, but there are only four bui1dings available for purchase at this time. Each building in the apartment complex contains 8 dwelling units and sells for $182,000. The individual apartment buildings can be purchased separately, and the complex developer has agreed to build as many 8-unit buildings as the professor would like to purchase. A property manager hired by the professor is free to devote
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Unformatted text preview: 140 hours per month to these investments. Each commercial building requires 4 hours of the property manager's time each month, while each apartment building will require 40 hours per month. The yearly cash flow (after deducting mortgage payments and operating expenses) is estimated at $2,000 per commercial building and $3,000 per apartment building. The professor would like to allocate his investment funds to apartment and commercial buildings in order to maximize the yearly cash flow. Fractional values for the commercial and/or number of apartment buildings are not acceptable. Solve this integer programming problem by using the simplex method and the branch-and-bound algorithm. Construct a stick-tree to aid in problem solution....
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