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Solutions Manual and Workbook 257 Chapter 12 Quiz Joann’s Smoke Shop handles a line of premium Havana cigars that she imports through Canada and sells under her own label as Tucker's Maduro Palmas. She has a retail outlet and a mail- order operation and sells 3,000 boxes per year. She works 300 days per year and demand is fairly steady at 10 boxes per day. Her ordering costs are $100 per order, and she allocates her holding costs for this line in her climate controlled storage
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Unformatted text preview: vault at $6 per box per year. She pays $15 per box and sells them for $25 per box of 50 cigars. The lead-time on orders from the manufacturer is 12 working days. 12.1 What is her optimal order size (round to integer)? ______________boxes 12.2 How many working days are between orders? ______________days 12.3 What is her reorder level? _______________boxes...
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