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Solutions Manual and Workbook 259 Chapter 13 Quiz 13.1 A local roofing contractor intends to bid on a job installing 30 roofs at a local university. Because this will be a new line of work for the contractor, he believes there will be a learning effect for the job. After reviewing time records from a similar type of activity, the contractor is convinced that an 85% learning curve is appropriate. He estimates that the first roof will take his crew eight days to install. Using Table 13.2, how many days should the contractor budget for:
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Unformatted text preview: (a) The first ten roofs? _______________ (b) The second 10 roofs? _______________ (c) The final 10 roofs? ________________ 13.2 Students in an operations management class have been assigned four similar homework problem. One student noted that it took her 50 minutes to complete the first problem. Assume that the four problems are similar and that a 70 percent learning curve is appropriate. How much time can this student plan to spend solving the remaining problems? __________________...
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