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Solutions Manual and Workbook 263 Chapter 15 Quiz 15.1 Debbie Johnson has inherited a sizeable estate, which had been held in trust until she married. Having at last tied the knot and received the inheritance, she wishes to invest it so that she and her new husband, Larry, can quit their jobs and join the jet set in Puerta Vallarta, Cozumel, etc. She is considering three investments, and the annual return will vary, depending upon the price of oil and gas. The annual profits from the three investments are as shown below. High Oil & Low Oil & Gas Prices Gas Prices ________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Exploration Company $400K $ 50K Production Company $250K $150K Tax Free Bonds $200K $200K _________________________________________________ What are Debbie’s decision values and optimal choices under each of the following criteria? (a) Optimism Choose____________ Value____________ (b) Pessimism Choose____________ Value____________ (c) Hurwicz ( α = .6) Choose____________ Value_____________ (d) Savage Choose____________ Value_____________ (e) LaPlace & MAX EV (Profit) Choose____________ Value_____________ (f) LaPlace & MIN EVC (Regret) Choose____________ Value_____________...
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