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COP4355 quiz 31 - _cust/hour(b Arrival rate_cust/hr(c...

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266 Appendix B: Practice/Homework Quizzes Chapter 16 Quiz 16.1 Speedy Burger has opened a drive-thru limited menu restaurant in the parking lot of a shopping mall. During the lunch hour their arrivals are approximately Poisson with a mean time between arrivals of 3 minutes, and their service times are negative exponentially distributed with a mean service time of 2 minutes. Model the system as a single channel, single server system and determine the following: (a) Service rate
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Unformatted text preview: _____cust/hour (b) Arrival rate _______cust/hr (c) Average time in the system _______minutes (d) Average time in the queue _______minutes (e) Average time being served _______minutes (f) Average number of customers in the system _______customers (g) Average number in line _______customers (h) What percentage of the time will the server be idle? _______% (i) What is the probability that there are 2 or more customers waiting in line at any given time? _______%...
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