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COP4355 quiz 32 - (all servers idle(b Average time in the...

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Solutions Manual and Workbook 267 16.2 A new mall is being built, and Speedy Burger is planning a 4 window drive-thru installation. Each of the 4 servers still has an average service time of 2 minutes, but the arrival rate at peak times are expected to be 90 customers per hour. Analyze their operation as a multi-server queuing model, and compute the following: (a) Probability of no one in the system
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Unformatted text preview: (all servers idle) ____________% (b) Average time in the line ______minutes (c) Average time being served ______minutes (d) Average time in the system ______minutes (e) Average length of the line ____customers (f) Average number in the system ____customers (g) What is the probability that an arriving customer will find a server available and will not have to wait in line? ____________%...
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