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268 Appendix B: Practice/Homework Quizzes Chapter 17 Quiz 17.1 A magazine edited by Guy Michaels selects short stories for publication as follows: A submission is first read by the editor, who rejects 40% of those received. If he approves a story it is sent to both of the staff reviewers, Elmo Stevens and David Lee. Elmo has a rejection rate of 60%; David's is 50%. If both reviewers accept the story, it is published in the magazine; if both reject it, the author is notified that it has been rejected. If one reviewer accepts and one rejects, the story is sent to a senior reviewer, Martha Dean, whose decision is final. Martha rejects 70%
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Unformatted text preview: of the stories she receives. Simulate the evaluation of 5 submissions, indicating the disposition of each. Use low RN’s (01, 02, etc.) for rejection. Random Numbers Guy (R = .4) 88 56 62 02 77 Elmo (R = .6) 96 71 13 45 83 David (R = .5) 61 44 68 04 91 Martha (R = .7) 14 96 47 25 17 Story Guy Elmo David Martha Action A B C D E What % of the stories in your simulation were accepted? _________% Bonus: What % of all stories will be accepted?__________% 17.2 Packages for local delivery by ACE DELIVERY are classified as 20% small, 50% medium, and 30% large. Delivery times (in hours) vary as shown in the distributions below....
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