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270 Appendix B: Practice/Homework Quizzes Chapter 18 Quiz 18.1 A. Magnum, CPA, had 200 clients for whom he prepared income tax forms last year, which represents roughly 10% of his potential client pool. This year he lost 40 of those but added 90 new clients. (a) If he models his business as a Markov process, how many clients would he expect to have next year? Ans._____________ (b) What is his long term equilibrium client load? Ans._____________ 18.2 The priest of a small parish classifies the members of his
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Unformatted text preview: congregation as regular (40%), infrequent (50%), or C & E (Christmas and Easter) in terms of their church attendance. He has observed that over the course of a year 20% of the regulars slipped to infrequent and 10% to C & E; 30% of the infrequent attendees became regulars and 20% dropped to C & E; 10% of the C & E's improved to infrequent status. (a) What % will be regulars by next year? _______________%...
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