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COP4355 quiz 36 - If 500 new members are initiated as...

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Solutions Manual and Workbook 271 18.2 (continued) (b) What % will be C & E’s at equilibrium? _____________% 18.3 A college sorority bas four classifications of members: active, alumna (paying annual dues), life member (lump sum payment of $1.000), and inactive (not current on dues) or deceased. Their experience in terms of members moving from one category to another is summarized in the table below.
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Unformatted text preview: If 500 new members are initiated as actives this year, how many can be expected to be in each category two years from now! Active_________________ Alumna_________________ Life Member_________________ Inactive or Deceased ____________ FROM: Inactive Active Alumna Life Member or Deceased Active .6 0 0 0 Alumna .3 .8 0 0 TO: Life Member .1 .1 .9 0 Inactive or Deceased 0 .1 .1 1...
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