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University of Florida EEL 3701 Dr. Eric M. Schwartz Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Revision 1 6-Sep-11 Page 1/13 Quartus Tutorial with Basic Graphical Gate Entry and Simulation (Last verified for Quartus II Web Edition v9.1sp2) Example Problem Given the logic equation Y = A*/B + /C , implement this equation using a two input AND gate, a two input OR gate and two inverters under the Quartus environment. Upon completion of the schematic entry portion of the example, simulate the circuit and print out copies of the circuit & simulation results. Draw a Logic Table for the inputs & output and compare it with the simulation results. I. Circuit Design Tutorial (using the Schematic Editor) A. New Project Design Creation 1. Setup a ‘lab1_ex’ directory on your PC to hold your design & simulation files. 2. Launch the Altera Quartus software under Windows. 3. Select the pull-down button “File” and “New Project Wizard . ..”. Select “Next”. Now use the “…” button to browse and select the directory you created in step number 1. Name the project lab1_ex. (This may already be done for you. This should also make the top-level design entity name lab1_ex. If not, again type in lab1_ex.) Select “Finish”. 4. Select the pull-down button “File” and “New | Device Design Files | Block Diagram/Schematic File”. Press OK. This should open a palette where you will design your circuit. This palette is designated “Block1.bdf”. 5. Select the pull-down button “file” and save the graphic design file “lab1_ex” in your ‘lab1_ex’ project directory created in step #1 (by selecting “Save A s”). The file will be given the bdf extension; bdf stands for “block design file” and contains schematics, symbols or block diagrams. Special Note: You can remove the grid dots (or add them back) by selecting the pull-down button “View” and then select “Show G uidelines.” B. Adding Text 1. Select the “A” below the arrow to the left of your Block Diagram/Schematic File window (also known as the palette). 2. Select a point near the top left in the window with the left mouse key. Type your name and then hit the “Enter” key. 3. Type your lab day and periods and then hit the “Enter” key. 4. Type TA: Name , where Name is replaced by your TA’s first and last name. Hit the “Enter” key. 5. Type the following equation, Y = A * /B + /C , and then hit the “Enter” key. 6. Hit the “Esc” (escape) key to end text additions. C. Component Selection Process and Moving Components 1. With your mouse pointing inside the palette, double-click (with the left mouse key) [or click the right mouse key and select “Insert | Symbol”]. The “Symbol” dialog box will appear. This window lists the available Altera libraries.
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quartus_tutorial - University of Florida Department of...

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