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Math 716, JR 221, Wi, ’09,: Introduction to PDE The emphasis in Math 716 is on solving linear partial diferential equations (PDEs) using a variety oF diferent methods. Topics that will be discussed are: (1.) Linear partial diferential equations, and their derivation: Laplace, difusion, wave and transport equations. (2.) Method oF characteristics For 1st order PDEs (both linear and nonlinear). (3.) General Sturm-Liouville Theory: Eigen ±unction expansions, special Functions (±ourier and Bessel Functions, . .), Separation oF variables and application to 2nd order PDEs in one and two space dimensions. 4. Other solution methods: (Maximum principle and harmonic Functions, Green’s Func- tions, Laplace transForm, Weak solutions). Text:
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Unformatted text preview: 1992 (ISBN 0471548685) (2.) Additional Materials From Renardy & Rogers, Partial Diferential Equations & P.R Wallace, Mathematical Analysis oF Physical Problems. Grading Policy: 6-7 homework sets, each due 7-9 days aFter it is assigned. Homework will be posted on my website http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/ tanveer Homework will count For 50 % oF grades. Take home nal given out in the last week oF classes and will count For another 50 %; collaboration in homework limited to discussion oF approach. Turned in homework by diferent people should not look the same. No collaboration of any kind in the nals. IF in doubt about policy, consult instructor. OFce hours: MW at 2:30 at my oce (MW 420) or by appointment only. 1...
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