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1 Dr. Tao Li EEL 4744C: Microprocessor Applications Lecture 9 Part 1 Serial I/O Dr. Tao Li Reading Assignment Dr. Tao Li Disadvantage of parallel I/O is wire needed for each bit, cable bulky, expensive, and susceptible to reflections and induced noise leading to limit of short distances Serial I/O sends 1 bit @ a time, reducing cost, transmission line effects, and noise problems Basic serial comm. system Introduction Dr. Tao Li UART: u niversal a synchronous r eceiver/t ransmitter UART design issues: data coding, order of bits sent, synchronous between transmitter and receiver, data rate, electrical signals for logic values, and handshaking Introduction
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2 Dr. Tao Li Any data code agreeable to both ends will work (e.g. ASCII) Two choices for transmission order, UARTs typically send LSB of data first Data sent asynchronously , i.e. sent at any time, not synchronized with any process Data rate specified in bits/second (e.g. baud rate) Data Coding and Transmission ‘M’: 1001101 Dr. Tao Li Define interface between 2 UARTs Standards needed to allow different vendor devices to work Key elements defined: Handshaking signals Signal flow direction Communication device types Connectors and interface mechanical issues Electrical signal levels Standards for Serial I/O Interface Dr. Tao Li Most common standard is RS-232-C Signals in RS-232 interface other than for transmitted and received data are for handshaking 3 ways data can be sent in serial (simplex, half-duplex, and full-duplex) Standards for Serial I/O Interface
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lecture9-part1-4pg - Reading Assignment M&M Chapter 10 EEL...

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