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FSM 1070 Foods I Name: Kaitlyn Spinney Quiz #3 Chapter 3 1. Which metal conducts heat best? Steel Copper 2. Describe the Do’s and Don’ts for a Deep Fryer. 1. Don’t – keep kettles filled below the fill line 2. Do – before adding fat to empty kettle make sure the drain valve is off 3. Do – Check the accuracy of the thermostat 4. Do- Set the thermostat to 250 F degrees until the fat has heated 3. Name and describe 5 types of cooking equipment. 1. Grills: similar to broilers, except heat is below the surface cooking food 2. Griddles: flat, smooth service which food is cooked directly on 3. Tilting Skillet: can be used as a griddle, fry, pan, brazier, stewpot, stockpot, steamer and bain-marier or steam table. 4. Rotisseries: cook meats by turning them slowly in front of gas or electric heating elements 5. Steam Cookers: perfect for vegetables, cooks with minimum lose of nutrients.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Name and describe two types of holding and storage equipment. 1. Hot food holding equipment: keeps food hot during service. Typically used in buffets 2. Cold food storage equipment: keeps food cold so that consumers can enjoy the food due to correct refrigeration. Many different sizes, shapes, models and designs. 5. Describe the three types of metal that a knife blade is made of and which is considered most desirable. Carbon steel: extremely sharp edge, but it corrodes and discolors easily; as it discolors some food take on a metallic taste Traditional stainless steel alloys: do not rust or corrode but are much more difficult to sharpen High-carbon stainless steel: sharp edge, will not rust or corrode, however is very expensive. Combines the best of alternative knives, therefore most desirable. Score: 4/5...
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