Lecture 07 Ethnicity

Lecture 07 Ethnicity - Lecture 7 outline 09/15/11 What is...

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1 Lecture 7 outline 09/15/11 What is ethnicity? Ethnicity: 1) the culture or tradition of a particular ethnic group; 2) a basic group identity based on perceived differences in culture, language, religion, history, geography, kinship, or “race.” Ethnicity is the major basis on which an ethnic group draws self-other distinction. Ethnic group: a group of people, usually in a nation or region containing other such groups, characterized by a distinctive sense of difference owing to cultural tradition and descent. Characteristics of ethnicity: Ethnicity is nonbiological. Ethnicity arises only when a group is in contact with another group that possess different cultural tradition and descent. Ethnicity is rooted in early socialization. Ethnicity is flexible and situational. Awareness of ethnicity reflects current social and political climate. Ethnic identification may result from the imposition of ethnic categories by others rather than simply from self-consciousness.
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2 Understanding ethnicity: Politics and ethnic identification in a multiethnic community in Southwest China. Government policy and the Ethnic Identification
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Lecture 07 Ethnicity - Lecture 7 outline 09/15/11 What is...

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