Lecture 13 Sociaoplitical organizaion

Lecture 13 Sociaoplitical organizaion - Lecture 13 Outline...

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1 Lecture 13 Outline 10/06/11 What Is “The Political”? Anthropologists and political scientists share an interest in political systems and organization, but the anthropological approach is global and comparative. Power is the ability to exercise one’s will over others, while authority is the socially approved use of power. Especially in bands and tribes, the political order (polity) is not a distinct institution, but is embedded in the overall social order. Types of Sociopolitical Organization Bands are small kin-based groups traditionally found among foragers. Tribes are associated with nonintensive food production and incorporate villages and/or descent groups, but lack formal government and social classes. The chiefdom is a form of sociopolitical organization that is intermediate between the tribe and the state, still kin- based, but characterized by a permanent political structure with some degree of differential access to resources. The state is characterized by formal government and the presence of social classes.
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2 Today, none of the above listed polities can be studied as a self-contained form of political organization, since all exist in nation-states and are subject to state control. There are many correlations between economy and types of sociopolitical organization. Foragers (an economic type) tend to have band organization (a sociopolitical type). Horticulturalists and pastoralists tend to have tribal organization. Agriculturalists tend to have either chiefdom or state organization. Bands Traditionally, in foraging societies the only two significant social groups are the nuclear family and the band. Membership in these groups is fluid and can change from
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Lecture 13 Sociaoplitical organizaion - Lecture 13 Outline...

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