Lecture 22 Religion and culture

Lecture 22 Religion and culture - Lecture 22 Outline...

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1 Lecture 22 Outline 11/08/11 Kinds of religion and culture Cultural differences are expressed in religious beliefs and practices. Based on cross-cultural studies, four types of religion have been identified (Wallace 1966)*: - Shamanistic: in such religious tradition, special supernatural powers are socially recognized as being possessed by shamans, part-time religious figures who mediate between people and supernatural beings. Shamans use their supernatural power on behalf of clients for a variety of activities such as curing or divining. (Foraging bands.) - Communal: in communal cults, groups of ordinary people hold rituals or ceremonies for the entire community or parts of it. Communal cult rituals are not necessarily connected with the supernatural. (Food producing tribes.) - Olympian: religions with hierarchically and bureaucratically organized pantheons (collectivity
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of supernatural beings) and priesthood (full-time religious specialists). Such religions are often found in societies with state organization and marked social stratification. (Buddhism) - Monotheism: same as Olympian religions except all supernatural phenomena are manifestations of, or are under the control of, a single eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent supreme being. (Catholics, Islam, . ..) Ritual, magic, sorcery, and witchcraft Ritual: a patterned act aimed at manipulating religious symbols. Many kinds of religious rituals are used to manipulate and control supernatural powers: - prayer - offerings and sacrifices - telling and acting out myths - performing music
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Lecture 22 Religion and culture - Lecture 22 Outline...

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