Lecture 24 Art - Lecture 24 Outline Definitions of art Art...

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1 Lecture 24 Outline 11/15/11 Definitions of art Art is “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination esp. in the production of aesthetic objects; also : works so produced.” Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary An object or event that evokes an aesthetic reaction -- a sense of beauty, appreciation, harmony, and/or pleasure; the quality, production, expression, or realm of what is beautiful or of more than ordinary significance; the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria. Conrad Phillip Kottak 2009 Art is the creative or figurative expression of feelings, views, beliefs, tastes, experiences, or perceived reality, which is intended to excite the senses, move emotions, or evoke imaginations. C.K. Shih Basic forms of art According to the materials, media, and methods used in the production of artistic work, seven basic forms of art can be identified. Each one of these forms may have numerous variations and many synthetic artistic forms
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may include several or all of the basic forms. The seven basic forms are: 1. Two-dimensional graphics (e.g. painting, body decoration, patterned textile, calligraphy, . .. etc.) 2. Music 3. Dance 4. Sculpture (including wood carving, statue, masks, etc.) -5. Architecture 6. Literature (including folklore, legends, myth, and skillful and felicitous writings that are not usually included in the conventional literary forms such as poetry, novel, etc.) -7. Drama Anthropological perspectives on art Art is concerned by anthropologists because: - it is a cultural universal; - it is reflection of other aspects of human experiences; - it is an important way to understand cultural values and world views;
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Lecture 24 Art - Lecture 24 Outline Definitions of art Art...

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