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Advertising Plan - Creatives (Sample)

Advertising Plan - Creatives (Sample) - Description Tipsy...

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Description Tipsy Taxi Logo Tipsy Taxi is a driving service. The logo should be related to this subject, which is hard to think of. You would think about including a car or a taxi like picture. There were a lot of designs I tried before which was not good enough as the logo. In the end, I came up with a simple design that didn’t look related to any driving business at all. People wouldn’t be able to guess what it is and think of it as some nature company because of the grass like drawing at the end. However, the TT, which stands for Tipsy Taxi, is designed in a particular way that relates a bit to our service. The big circles could indicate the wheels of a taxi cab when you look at it from a side. And the color is still yellow, which can attract peoples’ awareness of a taxi. However, this was a fact that is hard to see or understand since it might not make any sense to others. Some might view it as two wheels, but others will look at it just as another simple font type. And so, the executive manager came up with another idea that would make it obvious that it’s a taxi driving service. When thinking of a taxi, you think of the checkered yellow and black pattern. Instead of filling the whole letter with this, you could just fill a small vertical line with this pattern to make it look like a taxi. And now the logo is obvious.
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Figure 1 The poster is emphasizing one of the services that Tipsy Taxi specializes in, which is to drive those who are too drunk to drive safely home. It plays a small eye trick on the people who are walking by. Those who are conscious and sober are able to read clearly and can figure out that the letters in the
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Advertising Plan - Creatives (Sample) - Description Tipsy...

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