Complaint Speech - Pollution (Sample)

Complaint Speech - Pollution (Sample) - Imagine yourself...

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Imagine yourself all ready and excited to go to the beach. Once you get there, the first thing you notice is not the crystal clear water, but the bottles and cans that are spread out all over the white soft sand of the beach. There is no place for you to sit, even taking off your shoes and standing there seems disgusting. As you think about whether you should go swimming or not, you see how not only the sand, but the water is filled with many unwanted wastage as well. The water is not even blue anymore, but green and blackish. And when you sniff the air, you realize it’s not as fresh as you thought it would be. It’s the breeze of oil, smoke, fire and everything else that hurts your sense of smell. Why is this so? Simply because of pollution. According to, pollution is an undesirable state of the natural environment being contaminated with harmful substances as a consequence of human activities. It exists all over this world and this endangers the Earth. No country is 100% green anymore. So I’ll be explaining about the 3 types of pollution, the effects of this pollution and the ways of preventing it. The first type of pollution is air pollution which is dangerous since this includes the oxygen we breathe. Human activities can releases unwanted and dangerous substances into the air including sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, acid rain, smog, CFC’s. The most common reason is
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Complaint Speech - Pollution (Sample) - Imagine yourself...

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