Persuasive Speech - College Accredetation (Sample)

Persuasive Speech - College Accredetation (Sample) - How...

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How many of you guys are graduating this semester? And how many of you guys are starting either their first or second semester? Well, to those who are about to graduate, you guys are lucky. As for us who still have a few years here at DVC, we’re facing a great issue. You might have heard of it before, but Diablo Valley College is currently facing a problem and might lose its accreditation. What is an accreditation you ask? It’s a status granted to an educational institution that has been found to meet or exceed stated criteria of educational quality. In simple word, without this accreditation, Diablo Valley College will be closed. So I’ll be explaining why this issue occurred followed by its effect towards all of us and the possible solutions that we can do to prevent this from happening. Since a few years ago, DVC has been in a lot of scandals, which college leaders did not even know of. One of the biggest issues as discussed on The Contra Costa Times website is that students has several ways of getting good marks without studying. It is said that there are approximately 84 students who pay no more than $600 to get satisfying marks. In some cases, it is believed that students even perform sexual favors in order to get good grades. In the past, there was an incident where more than 100 people got access to the computer that managed all the grades for 10 years. This included students as well, and so it is obvious that at least some students got access and changed their grades according to their own will. Some students participating in this fraud turns out to be international students. They could get deported if they were found guilty. Because of this, we can predict that a lot of transcripts from DVC were simply made-up. 400
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Persuasive Speech - College Accredetation (Sample) - How...

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