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Informative Speech Outline (Sample)

Informative Speech Outline (Sample) - A Lots of events...

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Patrick Moe Speech 120 11 February 2009 Informative Speaking Assignment I. Introduction - IFGF GISI is a great Christian church because you can enjoy your stay and get closer to God. - It stands for International Full Gospel Fellowship, Gereja Injil Seutuh International II. The Origin A. The establishment of IFGF GISI Church - People gathered together to worship God and decided to build a house for Him - It was first build in America during the 1980 - The second branch was build in Indonesia and finished in 1985 B. The further development throughout the world - The current location in Asia, Australia, Africa, USA, Europe & Indonesia - There are more than 300 churches in 22 nations now - In USA there are about 23 churches - IFGF changed its name because of the expansion
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Unformatted text preview: A. Lots of events during Celebration days-This Valentines Day was another event, including drama, dance performances, dinner and etc.-People not attending the church are welcome to come as well B. Many Fundraising Activities-The selling of cupcakes during Valentines Day-The selling of typical Indonesian food-Charity service whereby we donate money every week-Currently these money are given to people in Nepal C. Lots of different Care groups D. Bible Studies Provided IV. Visions & Missions-Prayer-Power-Worship-Covenant-Bread-Mission-Balance-Giving-Excellence-Godly & Skillful Leadership V. Conclusion People should try to find a nearby IFGF GISI church and see for themselves how great it really is....
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