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Melody Thio Psychology 122 Bob Doerr People experience a lot of stress these days. Stress is neither a stimulus nor a response but a special stimulus-response transaction in which one feels threatened or experience loss or harms ( Carver, 2007). One main reason why people can experience stress is by miscommunication. According to ‘ Psychology Applied to Modern Life’, communication is defined as the process of sending and receiving messages that have meaning. Miscommunication is the exact opposite and can cause problems to the sender and receiver, two people involved during the communication process according to the model of interpersonal communication. In my experience, a boy named Andrian came up to me and my housemates and we developed a close friend-like relationship with him, which should be considered besides the romantic relationship ( Berscheid, Snyder, & Omoto, 1998). In our culture, love is experienced as well ( Jankowiak & Fischer, 1992) but emphasized in a different way from other countries. Andrian got close with a friend from internet because he had social anxiety ( McKenna & Bargh, 2000). Over time he had the courage to talk to the girl in person and fell in love with her. The girl had a good body, which is more important than having an attractive face ( Alicke, Smith & Klotz, 1986). However, the most possible reason for him to feel attracted towards her might be because of her personality, her kindness and understanding or intelligence ( Buss, D. M. 1998). He was very close to her, closer than an ordinary friend would be. Time passed by and a third guy came into the picture. The girl that Andrian was crushing on started to like this new guy. Proximity ( Segal, 1974) plays an important part since the girl meets the guy in reality instead of during the cyber life. They also had a lot of classes together and often meet each other randomly, which suggest that people get attracted to others as you frequently see them ( Berscheid & Reis, 1998). The frequency plays an important part since they have experienced the mere exposure effect, which is an increase in positive feelings towards a novel stimulus based on frequent exposure to it ( Zajonc, 1968). In the end, they started dating each other and Andrian becomes upset and lonely. He liked to share a lot of his stories with my roommates and in the end we started to
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This note was uploaded on 11/12/2011 for the course PSYCH 122 taught by Professor Bobdoerr during the Spring '09 term at Diablo Valley College.

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LSP Final Paper (Sample) - Melody Thio Psychology 122 Bob...

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