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Melody Thio PSYCH-122 Bob Doerr 03/04/09 I. Introduction One of the main reasons why people are stressed out is because there is a lack of communication between the two parties. Even love and friendship can be ruined because of these simple miscommunications. II. Love & Friendship - The start of the boy telling us his story about his first love and how she chose another guy over him - He then got close to my roommate and secretly liked her - They started to fake date each other and fooled the whole school III. Interpersonal Communication - The girl wanted to stop this while the boy told her to wait
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Unformatted text preview: -The girl misunderstands and immediately ends it after 2 days-Later after it happened, both sides explained their real intentions IV. Stress & Its Effects-Everyone got mad at him and at her-They are stressed since this problem spread out throughout the whole school-They both start feeling guilty and yet angry-Pressure and conflict is happening V. Conclusion The boy starts avoiding us and doesn’t hang out with us that much anymore. That is why, communication is very important in our daily life, whether you are a couple or just friends....
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