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Bonus Current Event - Adam Pescatore BRAE 236 Us Looks to...

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Adam Pescatore BRAE 236 10/17/11 “Us Looks to Mexico for More Water” This article was found on and was published October 16, 2011. Its main points address installation of two potential desalination plants and controversies over the financial and environmental disadvantages of desalination. The plants would be built in Playas De Rosarito, which is about fifteen miles south of San Diego. Both Mexico and the United States are eager to end their reliance on the Colorado River. Desalination has proved to help many other countries such as Australia and Saudi Arabia with their water troubles. These plants would produce 150 million gallons a day combined. The U.S. would help pay for the plant and would allow Mexico to keep most of the water for its nearby cities of Tijuana and Rosarito, but asks Mexico in return to give up some of its water from the Colorado River. The surrender of this water seems to be unlikely according to assistant director for bi-national affairs at Mexico’s National Water Commission, Jose Gutierrez. However, if a better deal can be worked out between nations, then both countries could benefit
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Bonus Current Event - Adam Pescatore BRAE 236 Us Looks to...

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