Irrigation Show.

Irrigation Show. - Adam Pescatore BRAE 236 11/8/2011 San...

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Adam Pescatore BRAE 236 11/8/2011 San Diego Irrigation Show This past weekend I travelled down to the San Diego convention center to see the Irrigation Show. When I arrived I presented my ticket to the registration desk and was given a name tag and a pass to get inside. Inside there were hundreds of displays set up, all irrigation related companies. I didn’t expect the show to be as large as it was; people even came from other countries to preview irrigation equipment and advertise their products. The first display that caught my attention was a sprinkler setup by Travis Pattern & Foundry, Inc. I talked to Mike Pringle (sales) about what he had on display. He told me that he was only selling sprinklers, and not center pivots. I asked him what the advantages were of using sprinklers over center pivots and he made a few interesting points. First off, he said, you cannot rent center pivots. If a farmer wants to use a center pivot system then they must purchase it themselves, which can be very expensive. Sprinklers, on the other hand are available for rent and they have a much lower initial cost. Also, with center pivots, there is a sometimes significant portion of the field left totally un-irrigated. This can be seen in figure 2. Mike Pringle also told me about the different types of sprinklers he sells, which includes pretty much everything except center pivots. In the isle behind Travis I found a display for a Spanish company called Riegos Agricolas Espanoles, S.A. The man at the setup, Jose Ramon Zornoza Martines, was very helpful with my questions. I could not tell what the company was all about by looking at the display, so I asked him. RAESA is a Spanish based company that sells to clients in Spain, Argentina and Brazil.
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Irrigation Show. - Adam Pescatore BRAE 236 11/8/2011 San...

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