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Irrigation System Tour

Irrigation System Tour - Adam Pescatore BRAE-236 Irrigation...

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Adam Pescatore 9/28/2011 BRAE-236 Irrigation System Tour The irrigation system tour explored four different stations. In each station a different system of irrigation was tested and examined. The four systems looked at were border irrigation, furrow irrigation (both surface irrigation systems), drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. In a border irrigation system the water is meant to quickly flush the land by running down a slope, delivering moisture to the soil and crop. At this station, the distance covered by the flowing water was recorded every five minutes for thirty minutes. Then the recession of the water was recorded every five minutes for another thirty minutes. In Figure 1 the water is on its way down the slope. Border irrigation’s flood-like nature makes it an efficient system to use when working with slightly sloped lands and crops that can tolerate a wet soil for long periods of time. The other type of surface irrigation looked at was furrow irrigation.
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