resume - Cathedral Catholic High School Campus Ministry...

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Adam Pescatore Local Address: Poly Canyon Village, Aliso, Room A403-A San Luis Obispo, CA 93410-1710 Permanent Address: 11133 Carlota St. San Diego, Ca, 92129 (858) 212-9398 Objective Obtain an internship that offers experience in the field of agricultural engineering Education California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Bachelor of Science, BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Degree expected: June 2014 Class standing: Freshman Concentration: Water GPA: 3.1 Experience Surfin Fire, San Diego, California Surf Instructor (Summer only) 2009-Present -Explained basics of surfing to novices -Dealt with variety of clients -Picked up clients from hotels in company van San Diego County Soccer Referee Association, San Diego, California Grade 8 Referee 2004-2011 -Memorized laws of the game and applied them to on-the-field situations -Was the official in control of all events on the field, coaches, parents, and players -Dealt with belligerent coaches and parents in a professional manner
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Unformatted text preview: Cathedral Catholic High School Campus Ministry Music, San Diego, California Music Minister 2007-2010-Played ukulele in the church band for the school masses-Helped run a retreat for other students Navy Yacht Club, Fiddlers Cove Marina, San Diego, California Licensed Sailor 2005-2010-Passed written examination, and examination on the boat-Rented boats at my leisure and sailed in the marina Skills-Partake in the Japanese art of paper folding, origami-Surfed for eight years, snowboarded for five years-Play various musical instruments, including ukulele, piano, guitar, and trumpet-Familiar with Microsoft Power Point, Excel, and Word-Avid player of poker-Possess admirable riddle solving skills-Am an exceptional chess player-Played soccer all my life References: Jon Peterson Art Mitchell Firefighter/Surfin Fire owner Referee Assignor Surfin Fire San Diego County Soccer Referees' Association (760)-438-0538 (619)-461-3665...
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resume - Cathedral Catholic High School Campus Ministry...

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