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BRAE LAB - I am sure there are plenty of other uses for...

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Adam Pescatore BRAE Lab Demonstrations (GPS and Solid Works) 5 October 2010 In the lab this past Wednesday we were given a demonstration on the GPS RTK System and the computer program Solid Works. Using the GPS, we were out in the field finding quarters placed in marked areas in the grass. It was possible to pinpoint the location of the quarter to a pretty exact distance. The GPS system was connected to a radio and batteries in the backpack, a rod with an antenna, and a Carlson Explorer Survey Controller. This was a very cool tool to use. I can imagine several uses for this GPS in world outside of quarter-finding. Farmers using the GPS could easily map out the boundaries and where roads are located. They could return to the same spot year after year and collect soil samples and analyze the terrain.
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Unformatted text preview: I am sure there are plenty of other uses for this GPS that I do not know about yet. The Solid Works demonstration given by Dr. Zohns was also fascinating. With this computer program you can almost any imaginable three dimensional object and represent it on the computer. We were taught how to enter measurements for the lengths of sides, how to add dimensions, and other useful features such as cutting a hole or adding a curve to the object. We were also shown a three dimensional printer. Using Solid Works or some other similar program, you can print a plastic-molded model of your object. This could be very useful in the engineering field. You could represent any structure, machine, or apparatus with an easily obtained plastic model from the three dimensional printer....
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