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Classical Music - Adam Pescatore Wiens Classical Title For...

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Adam Pescatore Wiens 2/15/2011 Classical Title For many people, classical music means boring and slow tunes without any words performed by pretentious old people. This is a misunderstanding made by those unwilling to take the time to appreciate the ingenuity of some of the greater compositions of the world. It is perhaps one of the most overlooked genres of music today. Luckily, it is kept alive by those who see it for its true worth. Symphonies and orchestras all over the world take a piece of music and translate it into an audible performance that can instill emotions upon an appreciative listener. This is sometimes a very complicated task, because many works of music have quite a few different instruments and many complicated parts to them. The musicians and the conductor must work together to create a well flowing work of art. This is what classical music is all about: the creation of the music. A symphony will practice for months before they are ready to put on a show. During this time, dedication and creativity from the musicians, and a vision from the conductor, are slowly realized. A puzzle is put together, and when it is finished, listeners are able to sit back and be emotionally moved by the complex melodies and unity of a piece of music. Here at Cal Poly, we have our own symphony that does all of this work right on campus. David Arrivee is the conductor, and he is in charge of leading the symphony. Arrivee believes that classical music is the greatest vehicle for exploring human emotion. He stated, “All of life’s
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Classical Music - Adam Pescatore Wiens Classical Title For...

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