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Dear Mom and Dad - technical things such as how to farm...

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Dear Mom and Dad, I am having a great first week at Cal Poly so far, and I just wanted to inform you about what I am going to be learning for the next four years. I am currently in an Agricultural Business major, but, as you know, I am working on switching over to Bio-resource and Agricultural engineering. I never had a passion for agricultural studies so I am trying to get over to the technical side of things where there are more job opportunities for the future that do not involve agriculture. I wish I had thought more about choosing my major earlier, but I am here now, and I am making do. In my classes we have already started talking about major topics such as the increasing world population and common crop and livestock problems in California and the rest of the world. In my 101 class we watched an interesting video about a few common California crops. If I were to stick with Agricultural Business then I would be learning about
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Unformatted text preview: technical things such as how to farm crops, but also I would learn about the business side of that field. I would go on to learn about importing and exporting, managing farms and buying, selling, and producing crops and livestock. When I get over to the BRAE department I will be required to take a lot more math courses-just as much as any other type of engineer here would. I am looking forward to this very much, but I am also a bit worried about the rigor of these courses. They have quite a reputation. Even Bobby (older brother-environmental engineer, Jr. at Cal Poly) struggled with a lot of these courses, but I am determined to succeed in whatever courses I end up taking here, so do not worry about me. I hope you are all doing well without me, I will see you guys on Thanksgiving Weekend. Love, Adam Pescatore...
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