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BRAE129 - Gharrett 1515 Bearing failure buckled verticle...

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Name Pounds Design Failure Ian 895 Verticle sheer Marie 1466 Verticle sheer, bearing failure, buckled Rob 1638 Compression bearing failure Chase 1187 Verticle sheer, bearing failure, grain direction=horizontal lines on top piece Karl 1413 Bonding failure(glue), verticle sheer, fastener failure Adam* 1526 Horizontal sheer, nail fastener load transfer failure Colby 1282 Bearing failure, buckled, verticle sheer Dayton 1196 Paperclips on top=good for bearing, verticle sheer
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Unformatted text preview: Gharrett 1515 Bearing failure, buckled, verticle sheer Kirk 1279 Buckled, good paperclips Tim 883 Verticle sheer, fastener failure, wood is good for compression on top Brogan 1446 Bearing failure, horizontal sheer Aaron 1904 Buckled at center and bottom, some verticle sheer, fastener failure Ian Rob Karl Colby Gharrett Tim Aaron 500 1000 1500 2000 Pounds Pounds...
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