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Adam Pescatore Meeting with advisor I am not yet in the BRAE major, but I am working towards it. I contacted Kathy Daniels a while back and she introduced me to Dr. Burgoa. I have had several meetings with him in which he helped me add a couple classes to work towards this goal. At this time I do not have any idea of what I want to do after graduating or any specializations that interest me, but I know that BRAE is the right major for me because there are job opportunities outside the field of agriculture. Dr. Burgoa’s specialties include field investigation of surface and ground water pollution and its sources. He has had twelve years of research experience in soil water movement
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Unformatted text preview: and chemical transport and he is a certified professional soil scientist. He was very helpful when I went in and asked for help adding the classes, and he is going to help me switch over to a BRAE major if I get good grades this quarter. My current advisor for AGB is Craig Hooper and I have a meeting scheduled with him next week where we will talk about switching majors. So far, Dr. Burgoa has been very easy to approach with any of my class problems. Also, Kathy Daniels was very kind in welcoming me into the department when I first decided to add the BRAE classes....
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