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Adam Pescatore Math Essay Algebra is defined as the branch of mathematics concerning the study of the rules of operations and relations. Algebra defines the rules and shows how they can be used in basic situations such as with exponents and logarithms. Algebra also involves the use of graphs to show what functions look like, but that is all that the graph is used for. Calculus takes the rules of algebra and its graphs and uses them to study change. Calculus is a board game and algebra is the rules of the game that say what can and can’t be done. It can safely be said that algebra is more comprehendible than calculus. There is not much debate over who invented these rules; many of them are intuitive. Calculus, however, has a controversial foundation. Newton and Leibniz independently arrived at the same conclusions, but Newton was the first to apply calculus to physics. Leibniz is responsible for more of the notation used in calculus today. The main concepts behind calculus are derivatives and integrals. The derivative defines change at
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