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WRI_MA_Desertification_instructions - Change and...

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Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Desertification Synthesis By The World Resource Institute To know: 1. Figure 1.1 – Schematic Description of Development Pathways in Drylands 2. Figure 2.1. Comparison of Infant Mortality and GNP per Person in Drylands and Other MA Systems in Asia 3. Figure 6.1. Linkages and Feedback Loops among Desertification, Global Climate
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Unformatted text preview: Change, and Biodiversity Loss 4. Box 7.1. Droughts in the Sahel Region: Lessons Learned and Knowledge Gaps Note: I don’t expect you to read all of those 36 pages. However, you need to know what those figures are telling you. You might need to read some texts that go along with those figures....
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