Attitudes and Beliefs - Mass Media: All media that reach...

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Attitudes and Beliefs Attitude: Mixture of belief and emotion that predisposes a person to respond to other people, objects, or institutions in a positive or negative way Summarizes your evaluation of objects Attitude Components Belief Component: What a person believes about an object or issue Emotional Component: Feelings toward the attitudinal object Action Component: One s actions toward various people, objects, or institutions Attitude Formation Direct Contact: Effects of direct experience with the object of the attitude Interaction with Others: Influence of discussions with people holding a particular attitude Child Rearing: Effects of parental values, beliefs, and practices More on Attitude Formation Group Membership: Social influences from belonging to certain groups
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Unformatted text preview: Mass Media: All media that reach large audiences (magazines, television) Mean Worldview: Viewing the world and other people as dangerous and threatening Acting on Attitudes People act on attitudes based on: Immediate consequences Expectations of how others will evaluate us Habits Level of conviction Attitude Measurement and Change Reference Group: Any group a person identifies with and uses as a standard for social comparison Persuasion: Deliberate attempt to change attitudes or beliefs with information and arguments Communicator: Person presenting arguments or information Message: Content of communicators arguments Audience: Person or group to whom a persuasive message is directed...
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Attitudes and Beliefs - Mass Media: All media that reach...

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