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Burnout - • Problem-Focused Coping – Managing or...

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Burnout Job-related condition (usually in helping professions) of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion Emotional Exhaustion: Feel “used up” and apathetic toward work Cynicism: Detachment from the job Feeling of reduced personal accomplishment How to Manage a Threat Primary Appraisal: Deciding if a situation is relevant or irrelevant, positive or threatening Secondary Appraisal: Assess resources and decide how to meet the threat or challenge Perceived lack of control is just as threatening as an actual lack of control Coping With Threats Emotion-Focused Coping: Trying to control one’s emotional reactions to the threatening or stressful situation
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Unformatted text preview: • Problem-Focused Coping: – Managing or correcting the distressing situation • Traumatic Stresses: – Extreme events that cause psychological injury or intense emotional pain Frustration • Negative emotional state that occurs when people are prevented from reaching desired goals – External Frustration: Based on external conditions that impede progress toward a goal – Can be social or non-social – Personal Frustration: Caused by personal characteristics that impede progress toward a goal...
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